A Mother In Israel


One morning at church I received a Prophetic Word from a visiting Evangelist from the Ukraine back in November of 2015. He said, God said, ” There is something of you that is like a Mother in Israel and God says He is going to raise you up and you are going to see the likes of which you have never seen in all your life”. At the time I didn’t know what he was talking about so I began praying about it asking God to give me understanding and clarification, then recently I came across a blog written by Michael D. Green Jr. about the meaning of  this term,  “A Mother in Israel”  This blog made it very clear to me of the bigger picture of what God was doing with my life. Thank you Lord and Michael Green for this inspired me to keep on pressing into what the Lord was doing in my life and this has changed my out look and my interactions with others who are in authority to not to fear man but to fear God alone and His challenge for me to rise up and do battle for His Kingdom pleasure. . .  Marilyn Cavar


A  Mother  In  Israel

by Michael D Green Jr.

published in May 2011

On face book I recently commented that I am thankful for both my natural mother and other Mothers in Israel who have been a blessing to me along life’s journey. The term A Mother in Israel is rarely used in our modern vernacular. so what does this phrase mean?

The term is taken directly from the bible. Specifically, it is a term that the Judge of Israel, Deborah used to describe herself in Judges 5:7 ( I, Deborah, arose as a mother in Israel. She along with Barak, who wouldn’t go to war with out her, arose to do battle with God leading the charge)

What does this title entail and how was she qualified to take this title? While not comprehensive I offer a few reasons:

First: She was a woman who was willing to actively uphold and defend the cause of the LORD in a time of great apostasy. Apparently, the nation of Israel was in such a state of spiritual decline that there were no men with the fortitude to stand for the righteousness of God. But this women was unwavering in her defense of the truth. When the enemy threatens hearth and home, she zealously met him in battle.

Second: Deborah was quick to acknowledge that the sovereign God of Heaven was her and Israel’s deliverer. She understood the timeless truth that the Lord was the source of her strength. Although she occupied a position of great authority, her perceptive was never skewed. In Judges chapter 5 is the Song she wrote to chronicle this truth. (Read also chapter 4 to understand her song)

Lastly: She inspired others to abandon their lackadaisical attitude and fight for the cause of the LORD. The other elders and warriors of Israel were seemingly resigned to defeat because of the military superiority of Sisera and his army. This did not deter Deborah (nor deter David when he faced Goliath) She mustered the warriors of Israel and a great victory was given by the hand of the LORD.

The time that Deborah lived in is not unlike our current situation in America (or  in Canada) Many of God’s people are lukewarm in their dedication to the LORD. At worse, they have altogether abandoned the doctrinal truths and moral compass of scripture. We need modern-day Mothers in Israel to exhibit a willingness to stand in the gap and model the characteristics of Deborah of old.

I am thankful for the handful of godly women that were willing to challenge and encourage me to seek the LORD’S will early in my journey as a disciple of Christ. Their patience and example are still a blessing to me today! I also appreciate those who continue to faithful encourage and expound unto me the way of God more perfectly.

Sisters you have an amazing privilege/responsibility/opportunity to serve as a modern-day Mother in Israel whether in the local church, home, or community you can serve as a godly motivator to many in this day of spiritual decline. Perhaps you might be used of the LORD to encourage a revival in one or more of the previously mentioned areas. The bible, both Old and New Testaments are replete with ordinary women manifesting extraordinary influence by God’s grace. Never sell yourself short as far as your usefulness in the Kingdom of God. Our society needs you to stand up for truth, acknowledge God’s Sovereignty,  and motivate others to fight the good fight of faith!

To those that are standing in the gaps and fulfilling this role, thank you. The LORD’S church will be better off because of your efforts!