An eye for an eye


A  ” Legal  Contract ”  of  Marriage

If you love me, I will love you.

If you don’t love me, I wont love you.

If you abandon me, or commit adultery against me

I have a ‘legal’ right to dump you and find someone

Who will be faithful to me.

I believe Moses gave me this loop hole,

A  ‘Legal  Contract’  is based on  performance.

So if you preform well, I will love you,

But if you don’t, I’m not obliged to keep my promise

Of being faithful to you either, so there!

It’s not that I don’t care about our children,

What they want, or even what they think,

Or the long term effects this will have

on them and others.

This is not the real issue here,

The real issue here is my happiness!

 Where is the blood of Christ in all this?

I surely don’t know!

Am I my brothers keeper?


“Yes, we all are!”

    But because many of us have hardened

our hearts

towards God and His ways,

We’ve allowed

 Moses, to give us what we think is a way out from under this 

Law of until death!  

But we are no longer under the power of the Law of death,

  We are now free to enter into Yeshua’s New Blood Covenant

Repent of our sins,  and receive a Born Again Living Heart of Flesh,

for God does not despise a broken, and contrite heart

  that’s willing to obey Him and

 keep His Ancient Eternal Ways.

 He is able to restore our one-flesh relationships

back to wholeness again!

Divorce has no real power over a ‘blood bought’ child of God

 unless you choose to give

 A  ‘man authorized divorce’

 that kind of power over you!

God is able to restore your whole family

 if you ‘Repent of your wicked ways’ and

Then ‘Stand fast’ in the Lord and Fight

the good Fight for your family for His holy name’s sake!

 He will win this battle for you

 because this battle belongs to the Lord

 not  you!

He only needs you to repent from the heart

 and walk in unconditional love,

for your covenant spouse,

and for you to be willing, obedient

 and available

for His glory to manifest.

For no other love is greater

 than a love that will lay down one’s life

for another, like Yeshua did for us.

be an imitator of Christ not the world