Descerning The Times We Live In

Discerning The Times We Live In 

by  Marilyn  Cavar

Folks, It’s Time To Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

It has been reported that a discovery of a wall dating back to Nehemiah’s time has been found. Nehemiah was a man commissioned by God, and encouraged by King Artaxerxes to rebuilt the city of Jerusalem, and it’s protective wall that surrounded that city.

As Ambassadors of reconciliation we are also commissioned by God to rebuild the covenant wall that surrounds the marriage bed. This protective wall has been broken down I’m sad to say by God’s own people through our neglect and or ignorance of our one-flesh power that we all share in Christ Jesus our Lord!

It is time to wake up!

Tim’s coffee is great to start our mornings with, but try taking a sip of

2 Tim 3:1-9, and 4:1-8. 

I know the word of God is a whole lot stronger, it’s purpose is to show us the truth!!!  

 Enjoy also a dose of Doctor Luke’s prescription in the gospel of Luke 12: 56-59 

Scriptures tell us that we are to discern the times we live in. Many of us believe we are living in the last days because so many end time prophesies are coming to pass. Knowledge is filling the earth, and people are becoming lovers of themselves, and few want to listen to sound doctrine anymore.  Even those of us who say we love the Lord have become enemies to the cross of Christ. 

How is that you say. . . I say most of us western Christians today are not willing to pay the price it will cost us to bring about God’s end time Kingdom; we’ve allowed ourselves to get dumb down by letting society dictate what we can and can not do. We go looking for the easier path instead, of the higher path. We also find many pastors today who have deliberately closed their ears to covenant understanding in marriage today. Some do it so that they too can do what seems right in their own eyes as well, others do it because of their fear of man and what he may think if they took a stand for righteousness is far greater than their fear of God!

Why is that? 

Do you think pastors really want the word’s view of contract thinking? Or do you think maybe it has more to do with receiving the tithes and offering that they really need for the upkeep of the buildings they sought after, wanting they  thought at first to build God’s kingdom, then later maybe some how it became their own kingdom they were building without realizing it? After all they do not want to offend the people that come with their very lively hood in hand do they?

Somehow or other our desires changed we seem to want to please ourselves at the expense of everyone, even our children. Selfishness is running supreme in society today. It’s nothing but pure rebellion. We have profaned the name of our God among the nations who are watching. They are looking and wanting to see if our God is real or not.  But as a whole many of us have hardened our hearts and no longer believe in a God of power, who says He is trust worthy and able to intervene on our behalf.

We are actually working against God’s purpose for our lives. We are walking in rebellious pride thinking we know best and teach falsely the world’s standard for our marriages instead of God’s.  About 50 or 60 years ago Christians began to treat marriage as something common and ordinary, not holy and sacred to be honored before God. We’ve allowed and even encouraged covenant breaking. As a result many of our churches have become nothing but whore houses of iniquity, where we pass our children through the fire, giving honour and praise to Molech one of the god’s of this world who demand the sacrifice of our children instead of honoring the One True God!!! 

We refuse to forgive one another when things go horribly wrong, and then refuse to humble ourselves like God asked us to so He can put things right again. Instead of repenting of our wicked ways, we blame one another for their failure to communicate that “unconditional love” we so desire for ourselves but don’t have a clue how to return that kind of love ourselves.

Corporately many have lost our fear of God, so we no longer cry out to God for His mercy.

God wants to restore us before we get so far off track that we don’t even care who we hurt anymore. 

Our stinky thinking has allowed Satan to come in at will through that break in the covenant wall that gives him power to do great harm to God’s image to our children and the body of Christ, which is now effecting even the nation, this puts a great big stumbling stone in the path of our children who want to believe in a faithful powerful all mighty God, able to keep His word to us!  We better watch out for that stone will crush us when it falls on us!!

I believe we as God’s people do not as yet have the understanding of how to convey ‘unconditional love’ to one another because we ourselves have never witnessed or received it growing up, therefore it is basically foreign to us, that’s why pastors and leaders are falling into adultery more and more, or getting hooked into internet porn out of loneliness because of their kingdom building, they have neglected their own wives, and now their own marriages are under threat. But unconditional love is the  essential ingredient belonging to the protective wall that Yeshua demonstrated and put in place with His Own Blood  by the laying down of His life so others could live.

We are to do the same!!!

God’s promises are Yes and Amen. He is not like man. He is faithful even to the unfaithful. God promised we would see this kind of love manifest in us when we become  ‘One’ as He is ‘One’ with the Father.

God will purify His church once again through persecution if we don’t repent. He will humble us and make us ‘holy’ dedicated onto Him once more. Then with broken and contrite hearts we will be available to Him once again. He will raise up His remnant to do exploits in His Holy Name. He will do this for His Holy Name’s sake, so all the world will know that He is God and there is none like Him.  

 In the laying down of our lives and choosing to give this ‘God kind of love’ to our mates who oppose us, especially if they despitefully use us, this will bring revelation to our children who are watching. They will begin to we see Jesus in us as we honour our mate as we honour God by demonstrating the love of God, to them knowing that that we truly believe God has the power to change your mates heart towards us when we turn to Jesus for help.  Marriage is a covenant relationship until death as you uphold His image of humble submission and faithfulness speaking the truth in love from a gentle spirit your mate will get the picture sooner of later.

Divorce breaks intimacy, but not our covenant. When we repent from our wicked ways and turn back to God who is bigger than our sin.  He gets an opportunity now to show off at our expense, as He prepares us, the prodigal, for that long journey home.  

Satan and his cohorts work over time on his scheme to divide and separate us, he is terribly afraid of us from becoming one he knows his time is running out, so he is working hard to destroy our families, in the body of Christ. Satan wants to destroy our children, because they are the next generation. That’s why God is raising up His standard against this flood of divorce and remarriage that is going on in the church today, and all those with an ear to hear will hear what the Spirit of God is saying to the Church!


Like Nehemiah and Ezra, we at Hosea’s Cry are working hard along with others in the body of Christ to repair the damage we’ve done to the  Covenant Wall that surrounds the marriage bed . We’re looking for others who have received this same mandate from the Lord, to come join us in the repairing of the breach in the wall through our ignorance and neglect, so that Satan can’t get in this way again. God wants our streets and our nations to be a safe place for our children to run and play in again.

Paul Warned us that False prophets and teachers of the Law would come in and lead us astray. Have you noticed, we’re being lead astray?

Once we at Hosea’s Cry became aware of Satan’s scheme to destroy God’s image of faithfulness in our families we wept, and mourned for many days; we fasted and prayed before God in Heaven, asking Him to forgive us for taking part in Satan’s plans. Like Adam and Eve we were deceived, we knew not what we were doing.

God in all His mercy forgave us immediately when He saw us cry out in true sorrow and repentance. We are no longer ignorant. We are now very much aware of the desperate need God has for us to repair this breach in the wall we helped make. So for the sake of Yeshua’s holy name and His kingdom, and our children. . .we lay down our lives gladly and stand in the gap for God’s Kingdom glory to manifest in our lives so our children can believe again in a God who is all mighty, who is able to restore all things like He said He would do. We believe nothing is impossible to our God.  We praise God for His mercy endures forever!

Nehemiah prayed, and we join him  “O great and awesome God, You who keep Your covenant and show your mercy to those who love You, and observe Your commandments, please let Your ear be attentive and Your eyes be open, so that You may hear our prayers which we pray before you night and day for Your people. We confess the sins of Israel, (and of Canada and the USA ) for we are  Your covenant people. We have all sinned against You, both my father’s house and I have sinned. We have acted very corruptly against You, and have not kept Your commandments. We come humbly before You Lord, and ask for Your mercy and forgiveness!”

God shows us in His Word, that if we are unfaithful to Him He will scatter us abroad among the peoples, but if we humble ourselves and turn back to Him, and keep His commandments and do them, He will gather us again and bring us to a place which He has chosen to make His dwelling place.

 Nehemiah 1:4-11

As Prodigals we have come back to You Lord with broken and contrite hearts, ready now and willing to be obedient because of Your chastening.

 Revelations 3:19  As many as I love. I rebuke and chasten. Therefore be zealous and repent.

We’re grateful that You have brought us prodigals to our senses Lord, through Your loving kindness. For You are faithful even to us who were unfaithful because You made an Everlasting Covenant of Love towards us. We are Your Blood bought children, and You are our God who has accepted us back again, so with grateful hearts we say, “Thank You for never leaving us or forsaking us!”

We realize ignorance played a large part in our  rebellion, many of us strayed because we didn’t really understand what making a Covenant really means in today’s standards. We don’t blame those who lord it over us thinking they are wise for it seems they too are ignorant. We are all dying for lack of this knowledge, but we know it was not only ignorance that caused us to stray it was our desire to do things our own way that really got us into trouble. My mate and I, are the guilty pair we opened the door to Satan’s scheming influence and allowed him to come in and destroy our home. Satan has made it very clear to me he wanted my next generation, but he can’t have them because they now belong to You Lord! and under Your protection. . .  I Praise You Lord for that!

Thank You Lord for opening my eyes and teaching me Your ways again!!!

We at Hosea’s Cry are committed now through revelation by the Holy Spirit that our one flesh relationships don’t belong to us alone they belong to our Lord Jesus Christ who paid the bride’s price for all of us with His own Blood therefore our sexuality is not ours to do with as we please. We come now as willing ‘eunuchs’ to fight to the death for Yeshua’s Holy Name as living stones we stand in the gap made in the Covenant Wall, for His kingdom glory to manifest it’s self in our lives whether our mates return or not because it is not about us anymore. 

We who would seem most unlikely, have now been given the privilege and honour to be Christ’s Ambassadors in the ministry of reconciliation. We come in the same Spirit that Hosea came in, to demonstrate God’s kind of everlasting love towards our Gomer’s. We do this for Christ’s name sake so our children will see first hand God’s faithfulness to us even though our mate and I were unfaithful to Him. 

We’ve taken up our positions on Your blood soaked wall even though we are weak Lord, we are willing. We thank You for making us strong in our times of testing. We realize this battle belongs to You, we thank You for empowering us so we are able to go the distance You require of us so Your Son’s Name will be glorified in the nations.

 God, You get all the Glory for the changing of our hearts of stone to hearts of flesh, we thank You for allowing us to bask in the beauty of Your unconditional love, Your grace, Your peace, and Your mercy that surrounds us continually. 

This Stand is causing us to be a light drawing other weary travelers who due to their own chastening are beginning to experience God’s unconditional love is for them now too. In the humbling of themselves in repentance we all realize that You alone are God.

God is going before us like an all consuming fire! 

His Victory is Assured!

Those who don’t know this kind of love, may find it unusual, or even weird; but those who want to know the Father’s heart for their families will seek this revelation for themselves! God’s love is there especially for those who feel they don’t deserve it anymore because they believe they have failed You, Lord.

We will be known by this kind of love!

It is a gift, Undeserved !!!

Our weapons are not carnal but are of the Spirit of God rising up within us to fight against these principalities in high places that want to destroy God’s image of power to us.

We fight the good fight through prayer and fasting of our fleshly desires laying them down for Christ’s sake so we can go that extra mile with those who particularly enjoy wounding us, it is a challenge to be sure, but God’s grace is sufficient for us. This kind of love is supernatural, it can only come from knowing God personally!   

As Nehemiah prayed, the heart of the King himself was touched, and the King gave him all the provisions he needed to rebuild Jerusalem, and the wall surrounding that city. Our King, Jesus is also providing us with every thing we need to get the job done of repairing the breach in our covenant wall. Praise God for His patience!

A well know man of God recently proclaimed, prophetically that unless this boundary wall of covenant understanding is reinstated in our one flesh relationships, our anointed worship in our churches can not be sustained over long periods of time because of this opening in the wall we have given to the enemy permission to come right on in to kill, steal, and destroy our families any time he wants to. That’s why our revivals don’t last long. It’s up to all of us to close this opening corporately by the revelation that we are never to break our covenants no matter what happens.

When we work together as One-in-Christ, God will make our marriages, and gathering so strong that our children will be able to grab hold of their inheritance and know God’s covenant promises are for them too. 

When our foundation is restored by Christ’s power and our unconditional love is manifesting it will only take a few good men to stand on top of the covenant wall that surrounds our city to keep watch and warn us when the enemy is approaching. A watchman is able to see for miles in any given direction. They will be able to give us ample warning of any threats coming from the enemy. This will give us plenty of time to come together and hear from heaven corporately and put God’s battle plan into action to protect our little ones. But until that covenant understanding is put back in place we will have to carry our weapons of warfare close by us individually, while we do the kingdom work together, like Nehemiah and his crew had to do.

 Covenant until death is God’s standard for marriage! 

Once we repent, God will give us shepherds after His own heart who will  lead us by revelation knowledge and understanding, of the true meaning of His unfailing Covenant of Love. 

The workers may be few but we are willing, and despite the Sanballat’s and the Tobiah’s of our generation we continue on with the work of rebuilding the understanding of the Marriage Covenant Wall because we now understand it’s importance.  

We press in and press on. Others are beginning to wake up to this knowledge as well, and they too are joining us on this wall ready to intercede and do battle with God to protect our city, our homes, and our families against all odds. Some are right now making a conscious decision to stand for righteousness, no matter what the cost is to themselves. We believe the gates of hell will not prevail against these dreaded champions, because we know. .

God is on our side and goes before us to battle on our behalf

He is a Covenant Keeping God!!!