Thanking God For This Web Site

Emails coming in. . . .

We Thank God every day for the people we have received feedback from over the years who have been and are being touched by God though this Web Site. The response is powerful. This is one email that came from a woman who’s heart was completely shattered when her husband of 20 years left her.  I am submitting this email because it speaks to so many of our hearts that have been literally exploded into tiny little pieces and can testify and identify with her struggles. We have all been there and have done that, and have even bought the T-shirt.

Email from Rosanna:

Thank you for this website! It helps me to understand how really serious it is to respect the marriage vows we have made to God. I now understand that it is not only a covenant between my husband and I but it is the covenant that my husband and I made to God. Unfortunately after 20 years of marriage my husband left me for another woman and the pain of being betrayed and lied to is devastating. It feels as if my husband threw a bomb in my body and shattered my soul to pieces. There were moments I thought I would loose my sanity. He caused me so much pain and my son is hurting so much too. He can not understand how his father can hurt his mother so much and how he is so cold in front of so many tears shed. All he wants to do at the moment is to move on with his new life. He states that it is his right to be happy and living in a marriage where he feels no love for his wife is wrong. I am the selfish one who wants to, hold on to our marriage, who is forcing him to keep his family when he needs to follow his heart and his feelings. He states that if I really love him I shouldn’t be so selfish and I should let him fly….I hardly believe what I see and hear. He is a stranger. He is lying and betraying me with another woman because I didn’t meet his needs! I feel so ashamed and full of guilt. I keep thinking…did I not love him enough…I should have appreciated him much more and shown him how grateful I was for his love. But now reality come slowly in. I never betrayed him. I was always true to him. I respected all his decisions and never criticized him. I was not a perfect wife and of course I made many mistakes and I am so sorry for each and every one of them! I have forgiven my husband and even when the pain, the hurt and the anger seems to suffocate me I then say…Lord please take over…I pray for my husband that one beautiful day he will find the Lord. A person who commits adultery is empty  in the heart. There is absolutely no excuse that one has a right to cause so much pain to his own family. It feels as though he has raped my soul. It’s eight months that my husband left me and his heart is still so hard. But I will not be afraid because God is in control. God loves him a thousand times more than I do so I am not only the one hurting…God hurts with us. He will heal us in his perfect time. The Lord will bring us home to him in his perfect way and unconditional love. Glory be to God and everlasting praise to his beloved Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ that has forgiven us all our sins!

God bless you all!


Our email thanking her:

Hi Rosanna, thank you for your kind words about this website it is greatly appreciated. Yes fighting for our marriages and families these days seem strange to some but it is our walking in righteousness on this ancient narrow path of His that God calls unconditional Covenant love. It is the laying down of our lives for Christ’s holy name’s sake, and the building stones of His Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven. You are doing a God thing that will not get burnt up as hay or stubble, but will stand firm to bring glory to God and pleasure to His Kingdom plans. We here at Hosea’s Cry are interceding for you and your one-flesh family.  We understand first hand the pain of the ripping and tearing apart of the one-flesh heart and know how horrendous that pain really is. We have all been there but this pain does pass in time as we learn how to let go and let God in, so He can heal our broken and deeply wounded hearts as only He can as we forgive those who are right now trespassing against us, we free Him to forgive us our trespasses and then He teaches us how to fight the good fight in Agape Love. The God kind of love which surpasses all our understanding, it is powerful and effective.  We Christ followers will be known by this kind of love.

God’s timing is not like ours so we learn patience and acceptance at His wisdom and then get to watch God work in and through us for His glory to shine.  This ends up to be a win, win situation all round. We are blessed knowing we are in His perfect will so we gladly give Him praise from our grateful  hearts, and then we get to teach our children what we learn by revelation and they get to watch us walk it out which gives them hope that maybe there is a God who loves them and is able to save them. It will also get the attention of our pastors and leaders in our churches and the next generation who are also watching to see if our God is able to bring it off. False teachings and False Prophets will be exposed as in Elijah’s time. Fire from heaven will consume up all our tears that soaked our logs, even lick them up in the trenches, and will burn up all our dross cleansing our souls on this sacrificial altar before the Lord so He can get the Glory because it is all about his kingdom not ours that we live and breath.

God will bless you mightily Rosanna